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Gwyn's Ebooks for Kids

Gwyn was my beloved Devon Rex cat and we were together for 16 years.Gwyn was under the illusion (as all cats are) that my life was dedicated to him and that he was a rather special Purrson!


He was very special and even though I have been lucky enough to have a new cat in my life now called Merlin, I still miss him. Maybe one day Merlin will want to tell his story. Time will tell. 


I wrote 'A Cat called Gwyn' after he told me

one day that he wanted to write his memoirs.

So with his help I put this little book together.


Gwyn also helped me to write another Ebook for children The 'Let's Tell a Story' book which you can also download here. This picture book is designed to give children the inspiration to create their own stories.Each picture was created from my photographs and gives opportunities to create numerous stories from each one.


Even though Gwyn is no longer with me, I know he would love you to download these books as his gift. To download, click or tap on the front cover image and then you can save to your computer or device.  Enjoy!


Gwyn a Devon Rex Cat
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