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"Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe."

 Pythagoras,598-504 B.C.

I first began to study Numerology back in the mid 1980's. This was the beginning of my journey of self discovery and understanding of what was going on in my life.  I also gained insights into how other people tick, and that has helped me in my relationships. 

How does this work?

Each letter of your name has a numerical value. These numbers (which run from 1 to 9) in conjunction with the numbers of your birth date, are used to create a chart of the attributes and talents that you have.


The numbers also tell us what is going on around you at a particular time of your life.

Numerology is an excellent tool for predicting the best time to make a change, sit tight, start a new job or business, have a family and much more.

It is not however, a 'crystal ball' as everyone has a choice as to how they handle situations and how they make decisions.

And the point of this is?

Numerology gives you insight and  understanding of yourself and your talents. Numerology also gives you a greater understanding of what is going on in your life so that you can make the best choices and decisions.

Having problems understanding your children?

Numerology can give parents an understanding of their child's talents and abilities which enables them to channel their child into areas where they can excel.

Numerology can also give an understanding of what is going on with a 'problem child'.

Book a Numerology reading with me Today!

I will need your date of birth and your name as written on your birth certificate. English only please.

Your reading will take about an hour and will be conducted either at my home or at a convenient coffee shop.

If you live far from me I can give you your reading via Skype.

My fee for this service is $195 AUD payable via PayPal at the time of booking.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

When your booking is confirmed, click on the PayPal button below to pay for your Numerology reading.

Thank you.

Please note: all information given during a Numerology reading is given with a loving intent.

It is up to you as to what you do with the information.

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