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During the last 20 years, I have learned and qualified in a number of therapies.

They are: Access Bars, NLP, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), CranioSacral Therapy, Touch for Health, Kinesiology and Reiki.

I draw from all of these tools to help me gain the best possible results for

my Clients.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Neuro is about how we use our brain, Linguistic is about how we use language and the effects of language. Programming is about our learned behavior and how we perceive life.

NLP is a model of communication that has three main components:
  1. Accumulating Information through all or our senses e.g. sight, hearing, feeling, smell,          taste etc.
   2. Having accumulated information, we process that information which is coloured by            our own beliefs, perceptions and knowledge. We then ascertain what works

   and what is useful; distorting and deleting information to make sense of it all.
   3. We then put out information by using learned behaviors that affect those around us.

   The feedback that we get shows us what works and what does not.

NLP helps us to learn better ways of communication, helps us to change behaviors that no longer serve us to behaviors that now serve us well, and helps us to create more meaningful relationships with ourselves and others. It also combines well with other therapies.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Any one of any age can learn to use EFT for themselves safely. So it is a wonderful self help technique. Once learned (EFT is quite easy to learn) you have a skill for life.


  • It works by tapping with your fingers on a specific sequence of acupuncture points.


  • The tapping is coupled with an appropriate and specific affirmation regarding the issue.

 Much good work can be achieved by working on yourself, however, if you have difficult,    painful or complicated issues you will need help from a practitioner.


  • EFT often heals physical and emotional pain where nothing else works.


  • EFT also combines very effectively with body work such as CranioSacral Therapy.

There is a high success rate with EFT, provided that one is patient and persistent as  there are often many aspects of an issue that need to be worked on before healing is achieved. Having said that, some times issues are resolved astonishingly quickly.

EFT is also good for animals.

It is worth trying EFT on absolutely anything and everything. It is only limited by your imagination.

When I am working with my clients using EFT, I am also teaching them how to use EFT for them selves. I also encourage my clients to work on their issues between sessions.

CranioSacral Therapy.
CranioSacral Therapy is a relaxing bodywork session that releases tensions to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve health and performance. CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle;  light-touch approach developed Dr. John E. Upledger, one of Time magazine’s “next wave of innovators,” after years of university testing and clinical research.
Today CranioSacral Therapy is used by healthcare professionals worldwide to detect and relieve the root causes of chronic headaches and migraines, neck and back pain, fatigue, central nervous system disorders and many other conditions including depression.
Because CranioSacral Therapy is so gentle, it has been shown to be effective for people of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

Touch for Health & Kinesiology.


Kinesiology primarily uses muscle testing to set up a feedback system between the brain and body as a way of communication. Muscle testing is also used to discover where there is a stress occurring.


Kinesiology then offers many gentle techniques to remove the stress which allows healing to occur. Muscle testing also gives the body/brain system feedback as to the changes that have occurred, anchoring them in.

Touch for Health is one of the most commonly used forms of Kinesiology.


Touch for Health as we know it today was founded by the late Dr John Thie in the 1970s evolving from the earlier work of Dr George Goodheart.


It was discovered that each muscle has a link to a specific meridian (Meridians are channels of energy that flow around the body in a specific manner. Acupuncturists place their needles on specific points along the meridians to release blockages and create healing.) By testing a specific muscle, it can be determined where an imbalance has occurred and which therapy is need to correct it.

Many different forms of Kinesiology have evolved over the years and have had their roots in Touch for Health.

Touch for Health / Kinesiology can help people of all ages and with many emotional and physical problems. It can also be successfully linked with other modalities.

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