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Calvin & Hobbs

It’s so refreshing to work with a ‘down to earth’ person who brings perspective and simple techniques to help you work through issues. Her reiki and craniosacral therapy is quite simply the best. Mind cleared and shoulder pain gone! Annie Waddington-Feather

“Hilary is a delight to spend time with. She is very flexible in her approach and uses a variety of therapies which she tailors to individual needs. Being with Hilary is important time for ME in the midst of an often stressful life. I always experience upliftment, relaxation, reduction in pain and refreshment after a visit with Hilary. I recommend her as a caring, loving person, who is also a very good listener and counsellor.”

Penney Hughes

Hilary has helped me to release negative emotional patterns from the past. States of anxiety and panic attacks no longer control my life and I am able to experience peace of mind” 

Sonia Mattiazzo

"Hilary’s methods of EFT, Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy have supported me through some difficult times in 2009. I now have increased awareness of myself, physically and mentally and have more life tools for successful healthy living. Thanks Hilary.” Sue Hunter

My short term memory problem has resolved, I do not have daily headaches anymore and after a session with Hilary I feel relaxed and revitalised.” Anthony Cram

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