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Access BarsTM

What are the BARS™ and what happens when you have your BARS™ run?

  • The BARS™ are 32 specific energetic points on the head, which are connected from one side of the head to the other

  • Running BARS™ loosens judgements, decisions, conclusions, beliefs, thoughts

  • Brain waves slow down, allows cells to receive, discharges excess energy – this is deeply relaxing

  • When you are connecting a bar on the right side of the head and a bar on the left side of the head, the energy going through the head starts to integrate the hemispheres of the brain (instead of right/left brain dominance – function together)

  • This restructures how the brain is organises (wired)

  • Neuroplasticity – running BARS™ facilitates a more pliable, more neuroplastic environment – so that people can change self-defeating habits, patterns and behaviours that are no longer working for them

  • Neurotransmitters are specific chemical messengers that move information from cell to cell. If the neurotransmitters are out of balance, messages cannot get through properly and this contributes to anxiety – having BARS™ run can reduce anxiety

  • Awakens, simulate parts of the brain, particularly the mid-brain – this is where the pituitary and hypothalamus, which regulate hormones and chemicals are located

  • Most diseases are affected by hormones/chemicals released in the body

  • Running energy (i.e. BARS™) allows people to have awareness and perceive what hormones and chemicals are being released

  • Pituitary is the Master Gland – first thing you start to do when running BARS™ is to stimulate the pituitary gland (third eye area) - this releases a cascade of the right mix of hormones and chemicals, which are then sent to wherever they are required within the body

  • One BARS™ session can start to shift aches, pains and chronic illnesses etc. that a person may have had for years


Be aware that your body may temporarily require more water, sugar, salt and oxygen.

This is because a BARS™ session causes a major discharge of the brain’s synapses as the electromagnetic component of thought is released. This electrical discharge requires salt and water. Our brain uses up 90% of the sugar in our bodies and with the discharge of synapses that occurs when your BARS™ are run, the brain often requires more sugar than usual. Fruit, dried fruit, good quality chocolate, raw honey are all possibilities as sources of sugar.


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